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WSJ 2007: A review

With another publishing year out of the way, its time to look back and figure out...well...what the heck just happened.  While I wish I could maybe have patience to calculate what the "highest ranked series of the year" was, I doubt I have that.  But I can provide a few other bits and pieces of info that should reflect what we've been through before we get started on Jump 2008:

New series introduced in 2007 (bolded: still in magazine circa issue 1, 2008):
-Blue Dragon: Ral Grad
-Corrector M&Y
-Juki Ningen Junbor
-Samurai Usagi
-Volleyball Tsukai Godago
-Our Hero Studies
-Hitomi no Catoblepas
-Belmonde le Visiteur
-Sket Dance
-Hatsukoi Limited

Final survival rate: unknown (some series are too new to really see if they will last a year or more)
Current survival rate: 4/10 (40%)

Survival rate of 2006 series: 2/9 (22%, To-LOVE-Ru and Mx0 the only survivors at this point in time)

Notable series endings (series who last one year or more before ending):
-Taizo Moteo Saga (starting in the second half of 2005, the series somehow plodded along until finally being cancelled but at least it offended quite a few people and did quite a few JoJo references before that point)
-Maison Du Penguin (the series that drove everyone nuts due to editorial love but finally ended after over a year in the magazine)
-Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (After six successful years of driving everyone and anyone crazy they came across, the classic action/comedy series finally ended...though the first saga is still brilliant, the second "Shinsetsu" saga sort of drove people away as well as the continual changing face of the magazine)
-P2! -let's play Pingpong- (somehow the series was surprising and beloved by many, making its way through one traumatic year before finally coming to an end...not bad for this little series and hopefully Eijiri will stay on the manga map for years to come)

Notable events of SJ 2007:
-After Hikaru no Go and Death Note made him a worldwide manga name, Obata finally returned...with a series based off a video game involving a kid with a dragon shadow who loved squeezing...melons.  After an initial successful run, Blue Dragon eventually ran out of steam and ended  unceremoniously.  The Jump world awaits Obata's next series...and hopes the writer he gets has a brain and not just a libido.
-In a similar return, Hiroyuki Takei, who wowed the world with Shaman King (well at least part of it before...that ending) returned with an amazing concept: construction worker heroes!  No one bit it, the series bit it easily.
-Somehow, after ten amazing years of survival, really captivating storytelling and somehow figuring out what he's doing, Eiichiro Oda celebrated ten years of One Piece!  His ideas for the next ten years: somehow get closer to an ending.
-After hibernating in his room for several years with his mangaka-wife, Yoshihiro Togashi finally emerged with new chapters of HunterXHunter.  People loved them and are now awaiting...Togashi returning to his room for another several years.
-Only one Jump series got a new anime this year: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro got the chance to creep people out on the small screen...but with Madhouse behind it, who knows how it will last...or if they will get an incomprehensible heavy metal opening for people to decipher.

Things to Keep an Eye on for 2008:
-Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar..the movie! (and the flash anime!)
-Numerical milestones: 200 chapters for Gintama and Reborn, 400 for Naruto and...OP chapter 500.
-Possible endings for Prince of Tennis (its probably going to end after the final tournament) and ES21 (if the Christmas Bowl finally happens)
-HxH reaches ten years in the magazine...while I doubt it will be as huge as OP's 10th, I think Togashi will surprise returning to his room for another year or two. (its amazing though: ten years and Togashi's basically written the amount for about 5-6)
-Anime watch: there are signs that To-LOVE-Ru may get something, Muhyo is way overdue for one, and hopefully Mx0 gets something neat too.
-The big one: WSJ turns 40!  Will the celebration though just be for all current series...or will everyone from '68 on (or even '83 on) take part?
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