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Heisei 19, Issue 51

-Muhyo & Rosie (cover, color page)
-ES21 (color page)
-Sket Dance (color page)
-Belmonde (23p, end)

Issue 52 (Nov. 26):
-Bleach (Cover, color page)
-KochiKame (color page)
-Toriko/Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi (color page, one shot)
-Absent: One Piece (?)

Its been a really strange and wild period, but somehow it made it: Muhyo and Rosie is now on its third anniversary this week.  I really want to read this series but somehow I probably want to wait until I get to a Japanese book store to figure if I want it in Japanese or go the Gintama route: try it and see if I rather have it in English.  But hey, supernatural law lives (at least for the moment) in this magazine.
-Surprise of the Week: It could be the color page or the anime, but somehow Neuro has defeated many series, even Naruto and Reborn this week!  Definately amazed me.  Other good weeks: KochiKame, PoT & To-LOVE
-Dissapointment of the week: D.Gray-man and P2 really need to get their acts together or else...well, their futures don't seem that bright.
-A good-news/bad-news week for some of the newer series.  The good: Sket Dance get a color page! (and a lot of people want to see great things of this so this is good)  The bad: Belmonde le Visiteur has reached its finale...c'est la vie.
-ES21 color page as well this week, possibly connected to a poll.  I say Hiruma takes it again :p (though somehow I want color pics of Gaoh at this point)
-Next Week: Another week, another Bleach cover/color page.  Considering this week is its 300th chapter, I sort of expected this sooner but hey, at least Muhyo's getting something now so waiting another week for another Bleach cover isn't that big a deal.  Oh, and a KochiKame color page as well...nice to see Ryotsu still get respect after all these years.
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