barbapapa (barbapopo) wrote in weeklyjump,

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Anime

first details concerning voice actors:
- Neuro: Koyasu Takehito (Luke Valentine from Hellsing, Aokiji from One Piece, Bobobo from Bobobo, Kuroyanagi from Yakitate)
- Yako: Kana Ueda
- X: Saiga Mitsuki (Chie from Mai Hime, Robert Hayden from The Law of Ueki, Kosaka from Genshiken)
- Sasaduka Eishi: Yusa Kôji (Gin from Bleach)

It will air this year, so most likely (not confirmed) in October.

source: as usual, Heiji-sama from the Mangaverse forums. ;)

EXTRA NEWS: (thanks to NeoSam from the AnimeSuki forums, original source being Moonphase)
1. It WILL air in October.
2. MADHOUSE will produce.

This should be interesting; hopefully a good director signs up. (Masayuki Kojima would make me a fan before it even starts)
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