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Notice regarding change of Shueisha's magazines' releases

In a recently released announcement, Shueisha informs about the following:

Due to difficulties in securing electricity and transport materials, as well as other various measures we've taken into account, we've decided to take the following actions:

1) Issue no. 17 of Weekly Shonen Jump, which was scheduled to release on March 28th, will be postponed until April 4th.

2) Issue no. 18 of Weekly Young Jump (03/31) will be released along with issue no. 19 (04/07) as a double issue. Therefore, issue no. 18-19 will not be released on 03/31, but on 04/07 instead.

3) The may issue of Jump Square (04/04) will be combined with the june issue (05/02) and will be released as a double issue on 04/21.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

The original announcement can be found here:

A very interesting show aired in japanese TV network (jp: Sennyuu! Riaru Skoopu; en: Infiltration! Real Scope), where they've shown the way a one piece chapter has to cross from name (rough sketch), correcting, editing, printing and transporting a Shonen Jump weekly issue. None the less, their printing house is located in Ibaraki prefecture - it's the prefecture adjacent to the south of the Fukushima Prefecture. Yeah, you can guess it was hit pretty bad during the 03/11 earthquake and it's a coastal area, too.
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