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Popularity polls in WJ

Someone asked me about this on another comm, so I thought I'd post it here where it's more relevant. ^_^ Every week, WJ polls its readers on the most interesting (read: popular) series in that particular issue, plus a brief survey. In order to persuade readers to vote, they offer prizes. To qualify for a prize, you must fill in the postcard completely, including your personal details and answers to all the survey questions, and send the postcard in by a certain date (usually within 2 weeks after the magazine hits the stand).

Each week, they give away anything between 150-300 prizes. This is an example of the prizes offered in WJ #24.

1) 20 x Flipee (mini frisbees)
2) 2 x PSP with Saru Gecchu P! (a monkey-catching game)
3) 1 x New PS2 with Winning Eleven 8 game.
4) 20 x Penagein (some spaceship-shaped pens)
5) 15 x Shapon Gun (er, it blows soap bubbles)
6) 10 x Portable Brain Teaser (an electronic puzzle game, I think)
7) 5 x Electronic Brain Meteorite GYA~!! (I have NO IDEA--it makes light and sounds)
8) 100 x Jump Original Clock (the only Jump-related item)
9) 2 x Portable MD Player (Sony)
10) 2 x Nintendo DS with Touch! Kappy

That's a total of 177 prizes. Every week, there will be at least a couple of Sony and Nintendo game consoles, a Jump-related item (the most recent ones are shitajiki), and all the other weird toys. Winners are decided by a lucky draw. On the postcard, you also have to decide what your preferred prize is. But, if you're drawn and the prizes have already been given away, you'll be given whatever's left at their discretion.

Winners are announced in WJ five issues after the issue with the poll, i.e., the winners of the #38 poll will be announced in #43. As for the kind of questions they ask...

Poll postcard from WJ #24
I picked this one because it has the start of a new series, KAIN. First, the front of the postcard (left of picture) is where you stick the stamp, and fill in your personal details. (I partially translated this one.)

The main question you have to answer here is:
In Weekly Shounen JUMP #24, pick the three most interesting series, and write their corresponding numbers in order.

All the series in the magazine are assigned a number (in some random(?) order), and you write that number down in the boxes provided. I believe the results of this question is what determines the "popularity order" (or, the TOC order) of the series. But, that's just my guess. You also indicate your preferred prize here.

The back of the postcard has the survey questions.

* We'd like to hear feedback about the new series, KAIN.

1) Please share your impressions of the main character, Kain. Pick up to three.
1) Cool; 2) Uncool; 3) Seems powerful; 4) Seems weak; 5) Seems kind; 6) Scary; 7) Friendly; 8) Unfriendly; 9) Honest in character; 10) Frivolous; 11) Cheerful; 12) Gloomy; 13) New; 14) Commonplace; 15) Dependable; 16) Undependable; 17) Lively; 18) Quiet; 19) Smart; 20) Stupid-ish; 21) Manly; 22) Unmanly.

2) Please share your impressions of the design. Pick up to three.
1) I like this design; 2) I don't like this design; 3) Easy to look at; 4) Difficult to look at; 5) Detailed; 6) Rough; 7) New; 8) Commonplace; 9) Pretty; 10) Dirty; 11) Appealing; 12) Unappealing.

3) Please share your impressions of the story. Pick up to three.
1) Interesting; 2) Uninteresting; 3) Cheerful; 4) Dark; 5) Exciting; 6) Boring; 7) New; 8) Commonplace; 9) Didn't read to the end; 10) I read it to the end; 11) Difficult; 12) Easy to understand; 13) Good pacing; 14) Bad pacing; 15) Appealing; 16) Unappealing.

4) What development do you hope to see from here on? (Pick one.)
1) A powerful rival appears before Kain; 2) Kain gains more allies; 3) Revelations about Kain's past; 4) Have more battles with others of various abilities; 5) Something dramatic due to a person who causes Kain to become unbalanced.

* We'd like to hear feedback about the current Coca-cola campaign, Jump Festa 2005 Figure Collection.

1) Do you know about this campaign?
1) I know about it; 2) I don't know about it.

2) If you replied (1) to 1, please answer this question. Have you actually bought any Coca-cola product that came with the figure gift?
1) I've bought some; 2) I will buy some in the future; 3) I'm not interested so I didn't buy any.

3) If you replied (1) to 2, please answer this question. How did you feel when you got the figure?
1) I was happy with it, and felt satisfied; 2) I didn't like it.

4) If there are any such campaigns in the future, what would you wish for?
1) Figures of all the main characters from Jump;
2) Figures of characters from past Jump series;
3) Limited edition figures of some of the series;
4) Limited edition figures of the female characters of Jump series;
5) Jump characters bottle caps; 6) Jump characters mascots and straps;
7) Jump characters rubber stamps; 8) Mini-books containing one chapter of various series;
9) Instead of having gifts, a campaign with a points system to exchange for limited edition items;
10) Others (please specify) _________________________________


Poll postcard from #38
This issue had no new series, like most of the WJ issues in a year, so they usually ask questions about the one-shot story featured in the magazine. In this issue, the one-shot happened to be an entry for the Jump Gold Future Cup contest, so the postcard has an extra section for readers to vote on whether or not to support this week's entry for the contest.

On the back, are survey questions:

* We'd like to hear feedback about Entry No. 2, Smashing Shounen, in the 2nd Jump Gold Future Cup.

1) Please share your impressions of the main character, Toriyama Naruhiko. (Pick up to three.)
The choice are mostly the same as above.

2) Please share your impressions of the story. Pick up to three.
Again, same as above.

3) Please share your impressions of the design. Pick up to three.

4) Please share with us the scene which left the deepest impression.
____ page, ____ panel.

5) How do you feel about continuing this series?
1) I want to read this story if it's serialised; 2) I want to read another one-shot for this story; 3) I want to read some other serialised story by Ootake-sensei; 4) I want to read some other one-shot story by Ootake-sensei; 5) I don't think I'll read it if it's serialised or there's another one-shot story.

* We'd like to hear feedback about the current serialised works in JUMP.

1) This week, which manga did you want to read that made you buy this issue? Select the manga that provided the strongest incentive, and write its corresponding number.

2) Among all the serialised manga running right now, select the manga that best fits into each of the following categories, and write its corresponding number. (Apart from A and B, please pick up to three for each.)

A: The work whose design you like best.
B: The work whose story you like best.
C: Works which you think the designs are refreshing.
D: Works which you think the designs are outdated.
E: Works which you think the art is easy to look at.
F: Works which you think the art is difficult to look at.
G: Works which you like the story of, but dislike the design.
H: Works which you like the design of, but dislike the story.
I: Works which have become more interesting lately.
J: Works which have been uninteresting lately.
K: Works which you would like to see continued.
L: Works which you started to read recently.
M: Works which you have stopped reading recently.

There's actually nothing explicit in the rules regarding sending in the card from overseas. But, things to note are: are you willing to pay for the stamp? Will your local post office accept a postcard with an address in kanji? ;;;>_> Can you send the card in in time (2 weeks from street date)? Jump most likely will not give you a prize even if you're drawn. But, maybe the vote could count. Oh yeah, the votes in one issue does not affect the TOC in the next issue; processing the results is not that fast. I would guess the results are reflected about 3 to 5 weeks later.

PS. I have no inside knowledge about how this process works. I'm just reading the terms and conditions of the survey postcards, and extrapolating.
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