strangerataru (strangerataru) wrote in weeklyjump,

Jump TOC are about to get a lot jumpier...

...cause guess who may be finally returning to the magazine?

The basics: Togashi's better, Hunter X Hunter may be returning to WSJ in the near future. (presumably confirmed for October)

What it means: HxH has a really loyal fanbase (loyal enough to stick with it for over nine years and through all the crap Togashi's put them through.)  Once it returns to the magazine, many Jump series, particularly the newest and weakest series, could be vulnerable.  But hey, I'm happy to see the series back for the sake of the fans.

Edit: Also semi-confirmed: Hitomi no Catoblepas is dead...the final chapter will probably be a week after Godago's.

Edit2: Someone else translated the following regarding HxH's return:
"Though, Jump will just publish whatever the chapters Togashi has prepared, then once they're all out, he'll take break again to draw some more."
(in other words, he's really taking it really slow)
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